chi-siamo-percorsi per gatti

I’m Vincenzo and I live in Parma with my partner and our two cats: Nina and Casper.
When we got them, in 2017, we decided to design a wall playground in the living room to allow them to give vent to their energies.
We built a number of wooden shelves and ladders to allow them to reach the highest point of the wall: it turned out to be a success right from the start!!
Building these items made us realize there was a huge gap between the cost of raw materials and the prices of finished products sold online.
Therefore, to make them more accessible to the majority, we decided to build them at the lowest possible price and to found our own company: Percorsi per Gatti (Cat Wall).
Over the last few years, by devoting a lot of attention to product quality, details, finishes, as well as the use of non-toxic paints to safeguard health at home, we have achieved excellent results. Yet, nothing makes us happier than seeing photos of your cats climbing our parkours in your homes.
The more time passes and the more we realize the importance of animals to humans: they fill our lives with joy and sweetness and are incredible companions with whom to spend our time .




My name is Chiara, I am an architect and I love design and beauty. I believe that animals deeply enrich our lives, teaching us to love and be happy in the purest way.
In Cat Wall I am responsible for the design of fitted walls for your cats!


Hi, I’m Paola and I’m a seamstress.
As I also love animals, I make kennels, cushions and hammocks to provide them comfort and relax.
I make all the fabric complements for Cat Wall with high quality materials and so much love. Check out my cushions and hammocks.

Web Designer

My name is Marzia and I’m a graphic designer who has dived into the world of web design. Among the projects I carried out, there is of course the Cat Wall e-commerce website, my real claim to fame.
I have a passion for design, furniture and animals. I have an all-black cat (Olimpia) who is my inspirational muse, a source of creativity and positive energy.